Bradley A. Lenz has a Ph.D in Interdisciplinary Humanities from Florida State University. His two area’s of specialization are textual technologies and intellectual history. B.A.Lenz played bass and guitar in a series of alternative rock bands in the 1990’s. In 2018, Lenz started the music label CancerRecords LLC with his business partner Steven Jarvis.

CancerRecords was conceived as a vehicle for new research in the field of textual technologies. Vinyl recordings, like books, are material objects that disseminate language codes. The language codes, as recorded song, then circulates freely within communities receptive to the genre. CancerRecords LLC will supply empirical data on the contemporary communication circuits that dictate the production, circulation, and reception of recorded music.

Alternative rock is the genre that B.A.Lenz is most familiar with playing and producing. It serves as the test subject for a project whose greater concern encompasses contemporary notions of aesthetics and evolutionary epistemology.



BadaBings is a self proclaimed, “freeform punk outfit”. Hailing from somewhere on the Alabama/Georgia state line, this trio of troglodytes plays a stripped down version of ska punk that sounds like it has been gurgled up through the southern mud.

BadaBIngs was originally formed in 2012 by Hudson Thompson and Steven Jarvis. Knowing that they both hate cover bands, they decided to form a cover band to play in local bars. They decided on the name BadaBings as it was (still is) the worst bar band name they could think of. After playing music for two seconds they then remembered that they both hate cover bands. They kept the name anyway.

Writing songs influenced by punk and reggae, the duo quickly realized a drummer would be needed.

Enter Marzy Turtle.

The trio recorded a handful of E.P.’s and one full length album before separating in 2014 to pursue other endeavors.

In 2017 BadaBings reformed when the original members retreated back to the south just like in the civil war. Shortly thereafter, Badabings began writing new material. #Bbeautiful was released November 2018 on Cancer Records. The album holds 11 songs that capture the band’s original direction while highlighting who they are now.

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An alternative rock band from Macon, Georgia whose heavy guitar riffs remind us of a more fluid Deftones. Their songwriting is perfect for those of us who grew up on 90’s grungy skate music. It’s eerie and dark and it causes fog to materialize wherever it is heard.

A full length LP is in the works. Their debut single was just released April 26th 2019.