Cancer Records began as a mobile audio studio focusing on collecting quality recordings in varying environments. It did not take long for the two founding members to decide they liked the creative process of making records so much that they chose to produce their own. CancerRecords LLC was established in 2018.


Guiding Principles

CancerRecords LLC is focused on recording and producing new music for small run vinyl releases. The decision to release productions on a old medium like vinyl offers several distinct advantages. The first advantage has to do with the stability of code. Vinyl provides a format that allows music, as coded language, to be encapsulated in a very stable material format allowing the music to circulate over many years in many different locations and circumstances. The second advantage has to do with aesthetics. Vinyl limits the audio time of any album to roughly twenty minutes per side. This necessitates focus on the thematic elements and coherence offered by a song writer. The importance of the cover art dramatically increases. Vinyl offers more opportunities to confront the listener with a cohesive symbolic visual component that augments the listeners experience.



Steven Jarvis
Steven Jarvis is a sound engineer and music producer specializing in alternative rock and post-punk. As a teenager, Steven began writing and producing original music. Steven acquired experience recording in several different studios and diverse recording environments. He worked on producing and recording artists, representing multiple genres, over the first decade of his career.  In 2018, he founded CancerRecords LLC with his business partner Bradley A. Lenz. CancerRecords LLC offers opportunities for Steven to produce new music and cultivate new artists. He is currently recording and performing with the band BadaBings. 

Bradley Lenz
Bradley A. Lenz has a Ph.D in Interdisciplinary Humanities from Florida State University. His two area’s of specialization are textual technologies and intellectual history. Bradley played bass and guitar in a series of alternative rock bands in the 1990’s. In 2018, he started the music label CancerRecords LLC with his business partner Steven Jarvis. While writing and producing new music for CancerRecords LLC, Lenz continues to conduct academic research.