Meet the Team

Cancer Records is an indie record label whose model is to focus on producing rock n roll and small run vinyl releases. Their all in one approach combined with a team of only two people seems to be helping them carve their own space in the music continuum. And after having heard sneak peaks of the first two albums, I believe that space is a strong place to be.
— Josie McDuffie, Beat Review


Cancer Records began as a mobile audio production company focusing on collecting studio quality sounds in varying environments. It didn't take long, however, for the two founding members to decide they simply liked the creative process of making records too much not to produce their own. The company officially formed in 2018 and will be releasing two debut albums on the label this same year. 


Team Members

Steven Jarvis
Produces and Engineers records by day. Builds cars by night.

Bradley Lenz
Rare Book dealer by day. Rock and Roll guitarist by night.